The collections are inspired by the Dry Lake woman who is curious, adventurous and loves to be in the spotlight. She is creative, sweet and romantic with an edgy twist.

The signature of Dry Lake is playful prints, stunning colors, fun designs and elegant feminine silhouettes. The collections have a wide range of variety, all from soft girly pink to rock and roll black. By mixing soft with hard Dry Lake creates a contemporary and confident style. It is a commercial brand, easy to wear and easy to style.

The designers customize the collections for special moments in life, everything from graduation, Christmas, New Year, weddings and holidays. It is easy to fall in love with and always ready to wear.

We do not only dress the Dry Lake woman pretty, we dress her confident.

The Brand

Dry Lake was born in Stockholm, Sweden. The brand primarily  focus on the modern girl who loves to be out and about. The idea was to create and design dresses for moments in her life. The brand is primarily known for its fashionable dresses and characterized by the word happiness which always includes a rich color palette, eye catching prints and details with a sense of luxury.

Dry Lake’s strength is the ability to offer the latest trends each month at a commercial price point combined with superior service. The main ambition is to develop long term relationships with both customers and business partners.

In short: Dry Lake’s aims to become every womans first choice in contemporary fashion.